Our Clients

Since 2001, we have had the privilege of relocating clients of all nationalities & from all over the world,
including French locals or returning expats.

Our clients’ profiles are just as diverse as their nationalities : corporate / non-corporate / new hires /
professors on sabbatical / students / interns and more.
We welcome them all.

We are grateful to our clients, and thank them for their testimonials.


Thank you so much. The coordination of so many people in the summertime is anything but easy. I know. When people who know something about Paris hear what we’re trying to bring off, they look at us a little cross eyed, wondering how stupid we must be to believe such a thing is possible. Your success at doing it will be a story we can dine out on for years—the first people ever to successfully coordinate construction and a move-in during mid summer in Paris, the day after Bastille day to boot. If anyone believes it, I think you guys might make it in the Guinness Book of World Records. Getting the apartment owner to clean up after the construction is over the top. I might leave that out of the story, to keep it credible.
Jim GAINES, Author
Je peux vraiment dire que le service de Good Start France est excellent en terme de support et que je suis très heureux de travailler avec vous !!!
Joachim HERR, BMW Finance, CFO
The continued support that A Good Start has given our family over the years has been a life saver! As expats we have experienced many bumps in the road and Michelle, Susan, Dounia and Natalia have always been there with a smile to help. It has been a comfort to know they are there when we need them. We feel more like friends than clients! Merci beaucoup!!
Steve & Pam DUMONT, VP NATO Business Line / Thales Raytheon
A Good Start in France were dependable, supportive and professional at all times. They provided a personal service ensuring all of our questions were answered. They negotiated on our behalf and supported us through all aspects of the move. When we left Paris nearly two years later we were very reassured to have their support as we exited our appartment. An excellent company that you can truly depend on.
Rachel & Anil GLENDINNING, Pretty Simple
The wonderful people at A Good Start in France managed our family’s move to Paris with expert attention and good humor. We’re determined to come back for another extended stay someday, and when we do their number will be the first one I call.
Jeff FILGO, TV Screenwriter & Producer
A Good Start was invaluable in my move to Paris, a city that can seem difficult and inhospitable. They helped me set up a bank account, find a great place to live, and dealt with the realtors.

They were warm, knowledgeable, polite and efficient. They understand very well the needs of people moving to Paris and are perfectly prepared to help them into a smooth transition.

A Good Start made all the difference in making my move to Paris a happy success. I am very glad I had their support. It was money very well spent.
Faiza AMBAH, Filmmaker & Writer
Thank you so much for making my beginning in Paris a POSITIVE ONE. You are both positive and great.
Terri STOBER, American School of Paris
You are like Cinderella’s Fairy godmother, how you waved your magic wands for everything to work out so well.
Hannah NORMAN, Céline
A Good Start In France was a tremendous help. As a busy professional, I needed someone who could tae charge of lease signing and settling me into my new apartment. They were very thorough, efficient and a sheer delight to work with. On top of it, they negotiated a fantastic deal for my beautiful apartment in the chic sixth arrondissement.
Shelly SWIFT, Corvis EMEA
Between juggling two jobs in two different countries and a very hectic travel schedule, I could not afford to address all of the details concerning my transition to Paris. A Good Start in France took care of it all and always defended my best interests every step of the way.
Hans-Jûrgen ECKHARDT, Franfinance
A Good Start in France has done a remarkably good job, and I am very satisfied with the results: not only are they responsible and thorough, but above all, they are sincerely concerned about the well being of their clients. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.
Alvaro ABREGO, nSight
As soon as my new assignment was announced, I had to leave Paris at a moments notice. I handed my apartment keys over to A Good Start in France who took care of everything from selling my furniture, having the apartment cleaned and recuperating my housing deposit. I slept well knowing that everything was being taken care of, including what I hadn’t even thought of.
Greg LEVIN, Microsoft

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