What We Offer

DIY Programs : Do it yourself

... but with our help !

These programs are designed for families and individuals with a limited relocation budget who are either moving to France by their own means, hired on a local contract, or who simply want to take care of things themselves with the assurance of professional support.

DIY Home-Finding

What we do

  • Define criteria based on budget, location, availability & personal preferences
  • Identify and schedule 8-10 housing visits over a two day period for you to visit on your own
  • Submit rental application file
  • Negotiate lease terms
  • Review the rental contract with you to ensure you are comfortable with the terms
  • Offer advice for the inspection in visit, setting up home insurance and utilities

DIY Insurance Claims

Water damage, burglary, third party liability, auto accident, etc.

What we do

  • Telephone consultation to assess the situation
  • Define plan of action
  • Guide you with the insurance claims
  • Provide reputable artisans for quotes
  • Advise you through-out the process

DIY Departure

What we do

  • Visit your home and evaluate its present state compared to the move-in inspection report
  • Help you develop a time-line & plan of action in order to prepare for a successful move-out inspection
  • Provide a follow-up email with instructions on how to proceed
  • Provide « sample » letters for cancelling your lease, home insurance and utilities


You may have many questions that require an expert’s ear and are looking for sound advice before planning your personal course of action.

For example, you are :
  • Considering relocating to France, and need to know what to expect
  • Evaluating a new job offer in France
  • Looking for the right school for your children
  • Considering changing your present home in France

Having the right information is key to making the right decisions.

We offer consultations by telephone or face to face (at our office or on-site).

Benefit from our relocation expertise for the answers to all of your questions and concerns.

Do it right from the start !
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